Lomac and Yamaha, both committed to bringing innovation to the marine world for over 60 years, build on their existing collaboration by introducing a new technical partnership, designed to provide an integrated rigging and outboard solution that offers the very highest levels of quality, performance and reliability

The Milan-based yard led by the Lo Manto family has numerous collaborations in place with leading marine sector brands, and the one with Yamaha is without doubt among the most solid.

The partnership means that the entire Yamaha pre-rigging system, i.e. all the onboard equipment, including the controls, dashboard and instrumentation, is preinstalled directly in the yard, according to the guidelines established by the Japanese manufacturer, and delivered to joint Lomac and Yamaha brand dealers. This translates into a significant benefit for customers who choose a Yamaha engine, not only in terms of performance but also at ergonomic and aesthetic level.

To ensure that installation is carried out in compliance with the high quality standards established by the Japanese company, the Lomac team is trained on-site and constantly updated by the Yamaha Motor Europe technical team.

Lomac boats powered by Yamaha engines are the result of extensive testing carried out by the two technical teams both on land and in the water. Hydrodynamic trim studies are used to adjust the height of the outboard motor fitted to the boat, as well as to choose the right propeller for each model’s hull lines, both important details to ensure optimal performance.

Fuel consumption and motor speed mapping is optimised based on specific tests certifying that the combination of hull and motor achieves its full potential.

Paolo Lo Manto, Lomac Commercial Director, said: “Producing a boat in close collaboration with an engine manufacturer means combining experience and technical skills to develop a comprehensive and reliable product, from aesthetics to performance, without losing sight of safety.”

Featuring not only engine power but also innovation and technology, Lomac inflatable boats fitted with Yamaha engines will also be equipped with autopilot navigation (integrated in Yamaha Helm Master EX systems), CL5 multifunction displays, and the optional Steer by Wire autopilot, for a light and responsive ride even with triple-engine setups.

Yamaha Motor is renowned for combining pioneering technology with engineering excellence for a superior driving experience